maritime crse
                                                                                         Course Participants pose for a group photo

The course was officially opened today 05 Oct 2020 by the Director IPSTC Brig C L Mwazighe, in attendance were the Japanese DA CDR Katsumata Takao, the lead facilitator Rtd Major General Arap Rop, Chief of Staff Lt Col J S Ambrose, Chief Instructor Lt Col H Kibet among other dignitaries.The course comprises 20 particpants 17 male and 3 female from different institutions.

The course has 4 specific objectives as outlined below:

a. To enhance participants’ understanding of the importance of maritime domain in the context of National development.

b. To enhance participants’ knowledge and skills on the importance of blue economy and its significance to National development.

c. To strengthen participants’ understanding of the roles and functions of various mechanisms and their relationship to maritime governance.

d. To deepen participants knowledge on the dynamics and complexities of maritime security threats and how they impact national development.


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