Our Organisation
The Structure of IPSTC


The Operations and Plans department is to coordinate the activities of the IPSTC with a view to ensuring delivery of relevant and timely training and education events.


  1. Develop the IPSTC annual calendar of training and education events.
  2. Coordinate and maintain the IPSTC Standard Operating Procedures.
  3. Act as the point of contact for donor and partner relations.
  4. Liaison with external agencies for the provision of support to IPSTC training and education events (both students and staff)
  5. Seek funding partners for unsupported activities.
  6. Act as the point of contact for EASBRIG and the coordination of training and education events (less training and education development activities).
  7. Assist the Director in the determination of priorities of effort for IPSTC.
  8. Coordinate all visits to IPSTC and assign visit liaison responsibilities accordingly.
  9. Coordinate all external travel by IPSTC.
  10. Review draft training and education event budgets and approve final budgets.
  11. In conjunction with the Development and Research Branch, supervise the monitoring of instruction for improvement of staff performance.
  12. In conjunction with the Development and Research Branch, coordinate the training and development of the staff (coaching, mentoring and formal training).
  13. Ensuring that adequate safety measures are in place and adhered to during the conduct of day-to-day operations and training and education events.