Our Organisation
The Structure of IPSTC


The role of the Administration and Finance Department is to ensure that training and education events are adequately supported in terms of finance, human resources, infrastructure, accommodations, information technology, general resources and transportation within the centre and the respective schools.


  1. Maintain all IPSTC facilities (buildings and grounds).
  2. Coordinate the use of all IPSTC facilities.
  3. Manage HR administrative issues for all IPSTC Staff.
  4. Manage IPSTC institutional administrative issues.
  5. Manage and maintain all Information Technology related issues in IPSTC including the network and web page and appropriate use of policies.
  6. Manage and maintain IPSTC transportation fleet.
  7. Coordinate the use of IPSTC transportation assets.
  8. Develop and maintain an IPSTC store of basic commodities.
  9. Develop linkages with local resources for the provision of commodities outside the scope of the IPSTC stores.
  10. Draft appropriate support related SOPs