National Dialogue and Reconciliation (NDR) Workshop at Mogadishu

The NDR workshop commenced on 26th Aug 14 and ended on 28th Aug 14. In attendance were 46 government officials from various sectors in the Republic of Somalia. Hon Hajab of the parliamentary committee for Reconciliation graced the opening ceremony. He welcomed the participants to the event and emphasized that the dialogue and reconciliation is needed nationwide. He further thanked IPSTC and UNDP Japan for organizing the event. In attendance was the Director General of Labour and Social Services Mr Aweis Haddad who stressed that Somali as a nation needs a coordinated and sustained effort to dialogue, and Mr Omar Ali the Director General from the Ministry of Interior who underlined that the dialogue and reconciliation workshop compliments to the stabilization efforts of his ministry where he indicated that the ministry has developed a stabilization plan targeting 25 districts in the country and added that 8 out of the 25 have been cleared to run the program.

Participants Group Photo Participants in a Syndicate Discussion